Fiscal Integrity Act Continuing Education Hours Request Form

Thank you for considering Fiscal Integrity Act (FIA) accreditation for your upcoming event.
Event planners/hosts should complete this form in order to request FIA continuing education hours.
Read the following carefully.

  • In order to process your request and review the information thoroughly, we ask for at least 30 days advance notice on all requests
  • Requests for events less than 30 days away will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis
  • Approved courses will be available in the FIA Portal on the day of the event

Event/training documentation is required for all submissions. Failure to provide complete documentation will cause delays in processing.
Be sure to have the following information available before completing this form:

  • Full program agenda
  • List of courses/sessions for which you are seeking FIA continuing education hours that includes the course description, speaker name, speaker organization, and start and end times of each session
  • See an Example Document (.pdf)

Note: Provide the total amount of Fiscal Integrity Act (FIA) credit you are requesting.
This can be in increments of 15 minutes.
Example: 15 minutes = .25 FIA credit/60 minutes = 1.0 FIA credit.

Address of the Event:

NOTE: You must provide event/training documentation in order for your request to be processed. Failure to provide complete documentation will result in processing delays. For a visual reference here's an Example Document (.pdf)


We prefer your documentation to be in PDF format.
Use the Select File button to start

Additional Questions?
If you need assistance completing this form contact the AOS Training Department